Zero Limits Maui Meditation
Are ready to go to the whiteboard with me?

This incredible meditation is the first one in history to blend "The Attractor Factor" with "Zero Limits."

In only 23 minutes you can quiet your mind, merge with the Divine,
and make a request for something you'd like to have, do, or be.

This may be the most powerful meditation ever created, as it blends your own will with that of the Divine.

You can listen to it once a day or once a week, whenever you want to relax yet energize yourself, and whenever you want to revisit what I call "The White board" - which is the Divine.

Join me as I lead 70 people in a quiet room toward their personal path to the whiteboard while in Maui, Hawaii. This 23 minute audio mp3 of this group meditation concluded Zero Limits Maui seminar in December 2007. I personally got electrified and had to fall on one knee to steady my wobbly legs.

Listen to this short clip of what you are about to experience in the privacy of your own home, car, even headphones... Listen to a Sample of the Meditation Audio

COST: $9.95
DURATION: 23 minutes

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